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Valorant Mechanics for Beginners

Valorant Guides

Spray Patterns When you point your crosshair in one location and don't move your mouse when spraying the bullets will go above your crosshair. Video 1: Uncontrolled Spray To compensate you should pull your crosshair in the opposite direction of the spray ...

Sova Line Ups Haven

Valorant Guides

Offense Recons To A Long To C Variation 1 To C Easy Variation 2   Mid Cubby To Left B Mid To Right B B Double Doors Long A To A Link (1 Bounce, 2 Bars) Defense God Retake C (1 Bounce, Full Bars)   C Retake Easy   Early Orb A ...

Sova Line Ups Split

Valorant Guides

Offense God Arrow Outside B Garage to Heaven (2 Bounces, Full Bars) Use the 3rd white bar line it up against the right most pipe. Shoot slightly below 2nd power line. Variation of Outside B Garage To Heaven (1 Bar) God Bugged Reveal of CT Spawn from B ...

Sova Line Ups Bind

Valorant Guides

Hookah to Pocket 2.5 Bars Short to Cat (1 Bounce, Full Bars) Short To Top of A Haven (1 Bar) Line up to corner of newspaper. Then aim where 2nd wire and leaf intersect. Long B Flank From B Site (Full Bars) Line up first bar with wooden beam. B De...

Valorant Viper Attack Lineups + 1 Defense Lineup

Valorant Guides Old / Not Relavent

Map: Bind A Site: Showers Smoke, Poison, Wall Photo 1: Mollys Photo 2: SmokePhoto 3: Wall Video: Outside Showers to A Site. Smoke, Mollys, Wall & Final Result A Site: Short Push Setup For the wall use the mini map to make sure it reaches the corner...

KeePass Password Manager Tutorial

Technical Guides

Introduction I don't trust online password managers because they are closed source and companies have been hacked in the past. If you look up "lastpass breached" in Google you can see my point. Keepass is open source and offline. Why put your trust in a compa...

Wireguard Ubuntu Deployment

Technical Guides

Installation sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wireguard/wireguard ### Not needed if you're using Ubuntu 20.04 or later sudo apt install wireguard Enabling IP Forwarding sudo echo "net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1" >> /etc/sysctl.conf sudo echo "net.ipv4.conf.all.prox...

Lily58 Pro PCB Request


Update 04/13/2021: seems my request has been solved by the opensource community: My Request: Lily58 w/ LEDs + Kailh Sockets I included the first design, the Lily58 Glow, which only has LEDs but doesn't have Kailh socke...

NanoPi R6S R4S for Gigabit SQM With OpenWrt

Technical Guides

I made a new significant discovery on 2024.01.07 that makes the NanoPi R6S capable of pushing past 1400+ Mbps with cake on!!! Hooray! See here. On 2024.01.11 I discovered the same for the NanoPi R4S which is now able to push up to 800 Mbps with cake SQM. Pi...

How to Write option on Etrade

Stock Guides

General Strategy This strategy is called a Cash-Secured Put. Short Video Explanation: Video Explanation: Overall using this strategy, you will get paid for promising ...

Some Quick Notes


### S Defense* Hit end a ton till you get 300 gas and get a ton of normals.* Do not start probe mining minerals until wave 4* 7 of the same normal units = Bonus.* Press delete to view missions. Blue = completed mission* Goal: 2 of each rare. * 1 of each rare o...

Efficient Specter Practice For Noobs

Starcraft Guides

Big credits to AL for teaching me how to play. In this guide I will pass on what I learned from AL to you. How to Practice Specter Efficiently Start a Sandbox Game Choose specter and select your specter unit (if you don't select your own unit you won't ge...

Sova Lineups Breeze

Valorant Guides

Offense To B Site To A Site Anti Operator To A Site Back Wall Defense To B Cave To A Cave

Sova Lineups Ascent

Valorant Guides

Defense A Retake #1 A Retake #2 A Hell Retake A Rafters to A Lobby Attack   Clear A Site Clear Tree Clear Market or Outside Market Clear Deep B

Sova Lineups Icebox

Valorant Guides

Attack Full A Site Easy B Site Attack Defense A Rafters to Belt (God) Easy A Wall God Retake B Easy Info B

Viper Lineups Pearl

Valorant Guides

Snake Bite B Orange Box Time to Land: ~5.37s Snake Bite B Default Time to Land: ~5.31s Snake Bite A Default Time to Land: ~5.25s Snake Bite A Default (Version 2) Time to Land: 5.20s Snake Bite A Cubby 5s Time to Land: 05.12s Snake Bite A ...

Viper Icebox

Valorant Guides   B Mollys   A Default Molly       Attacking Wall A Smoke Backsite A Attacking Smoke Mid Attacking Perfect Wall B   Defending Smoke B ...

Miyoo Mini V3 20221216 or 20221224 Firmware Specific Guide for Onion OS

Technical Guides

This wiki comes with 20221216 or 20221224 firmware specific instructions for the Miyoo Mini V3 journey that I personally went thru. Backup your official Miyoo SD Card It's not mentioned on the OnionOS GitHub Installation Guide, but you should back up your of...

Build Request


BUILD THE INFRA-ORAL APPLIANCE Build the infra-oral appliance around your mold. Again, you can build it yourself, OR you can go to any local professional Orthodontic laboratory where a qualified person can make it for less than $40. You need to give them c...

Miyoo Mini V3 Female Screen Connector Part

Technical Guides

Introduction So the reason for this wiki is for identifying the part my friend broke (pictured below) when trying to replace the buttons on the Miyoo Mini V3. This is the FFC/FPC connector that connects to the ribbon cable of the Miyoo Mini screen. Someone...