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Sova Line Ups Haven


Recon Arrow to C At Spawn (3 Bars)

Pile of leaves on right side of spawn. Pick 2nd leaf from left closest to wall and aim at tip of leaf. Then aim at 4th corner from top of mountain. 3 Bars not full charge!

God Arrow to A (1 Bars)

Notice diamond touches dark wood shadow. Notice 1st bar line aligns with wooden beam.

God Arrow To C (2 Bars)

Mid to B Site 1 (1 Bounce, Full Bars)

Mid to B Site 2 (1 Bounce, Full Bars)

Mid From Mid Spawn Barrier (1 Bounce, Full Bars)

Double Doors (Full Bars)



God Retake C (1 Bounce, Full Bars)

Long A to T Spawn Flank (1 Bar)

Stand on triangle patch of sand aim at light bulb.