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Efficient Specter Practice For Noobs

Big credits to AL for teaching me how to play. In this guide I will pass on what I learned from AL to you.

How to Practice Specter Efficiently

  • Start a Sandbox Game
  • Choose specter and select your specter unit (if you don't select your own unit you won't get the buffs from the commands below.
  • Now type in the following commands on the left column for easy practice
  • p reveal
  • p buff AllTheShields
  • p buff NoCost
  • p level 12
  • Reveals the entire map
  • Gives your specter tons of shields so you don't die
  • Removes all cooldowns so you can spam Snipe!
  • Makes your specter lvl 12

Video 1: Typing in the cheat codes

All that's left now is to spawn some Ammo Boxes. Then spawn some practice zombies.

Practice on slow ones like Gourmands.

And practice on fast ones like Thresher Maws.

If practicing on flyers like metas and immus enable Show Flyer Helper if you haven't already.


Goal: Your benchmark for being good is being able to kill a Thresher Maw in 4 shots with the BG (Big Game Hunter) SI in quick succession. There is a technique written below using SC2 way points that will help you achieve this.

Shot Placement

Shot landing distance to the zombie matters more than what part of the zombie the shot lands on. Don't rely on bpen which does crap damage.. The closer your shot lands in front of a zombie face the more damage it will do.

F, Hold Shift + F+Click, F+Click, F+Click, Release Shift

Every wonder how good specters fire off 4 shots in a row so fast without stalling? They either are good at timing or use the Starcraft waypoints with the shift key! Practice this technique in sandbox to get better at the timing! It's possible you may miss all four so don't do this unless your target is stunned or standing still. You can typically do 2 shots at a time accurately.

How to Rapid Fire

  • Snipe your first shot like normal
  • Hold Shift
  • Queue your future 3 shots with three F Clicks
  • Let go of Shift

See the 2 videos (Normal Speed + Slow Mo) below with button overlay for demo!

Video 2: 4 Rapid Shots (Normal Speed)

Video 3: 4 Rapid Shots (Slow Mo)

Why does my Snipe Stall?

This may occur when your character switches from Snipe back to the SMG preventing you from firing your snipe shots. Usually if you perform the way point technique above it prevents this stall from happening. Another way to prevent stalls is to enable hold-fire before sniping. This way your character won't switch back the SMG immediately.

Main Guide Conclusion

This concludes the essentials you need to know about Specter.

Below are just a few tips that you may already know.

Specter Round Choices

Tracer (SMG) - Situational
Use tracer rounds on your SMG to help you kite fast zombies such as Cacumen and King Darreus. It is a pretty significant slow if you keep tagging the zombie each time you jump. With good sprint toggling you will be able to outrun both without any special gear.

Feedback Rounds (Snipe) - Situational
Use these rounds on Minerva or Horrors. If you snipe them with feedback rounds it will drain there energy for quite a while. Great for preventing their Jump and Grab abilities!

Hollow Point Rounds (SMG or Snipe) - Situational
Use these rounds on units with light armor. More damage than AP rounds when sniping Immusillus. Also makes SMG effective against light armored zombies. You can check if a zombie has light armor or not by clicking on them.


Armor Penetrator Rounds (SMG or Snipe)
You should be using these rounds 90% of the time when sniping. Most T1s (exccept Immu) are armored and die faster on snipes when you have these rounds equipped. You can check if a zombie is armored or not by clicking on them.


Sprint Toggling

You run faster during your initial sprint stamina than at the red zone of your stamina bar. Aim to use 2 or 3 bars tops and let it recharge and repeat. You get the most speed out of 2 bars but the jump timing might be difficult. 3 bars is easier to use and is just slightly less effective.


Other useful commands

There are other commands you can refer to by clicking on the ? mark button in game. But these commands below weren't documented.

  • p hide
  • p unbuff NoCost
  • p buff Suicide
  • p heal
  • p buff Unstoppable
  • Brings back the fog of war so you can practice
  • Undos the NoCost command
  • Causes a unit you selected to die
  • Heals your selected unit.
  • Makes your unit super fast

Other Guides

Refer to Neo's Guide for more in depth info like what skill to order first... Typically you can go 4 weapons training. Then branch off to 1 recon + 2 Munitions. 2 Munitions helps alot with the splash radius. After that your choice on Specter Skills or Recon: