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Valorant Viper Attack Lineups + 1 Defense Lineup

Map: Bind

A Site: Showers Smoke, Poison, Wall

Photo 1: Mollys

Photo 2: Smoke

Photo 3: Wall

Video: Outside Showers to A Site. Smoke, Mollys, Wall & Final Result

A Site: Short Push Setup

For the wall use the mini map to make sure it reaches the corner. For the smoke line up with the bricks then throw in the point show in the video.

Video: A Site Short Push Setup

A Site: Smoking Heaven from Showers

Line up with the towers and bricks as shown in the video. Then throw smoke at the antenna seen thru the ceiling of showers.

Video: Smoking A Site Heaven from Showers

B Site: Hookah Wall & Smoke

To position... line up with the wall until you see it disappear and you only see the security camera shown in the video. The wall is straight forward just aim at the general location in the video and check the mini map to make sure it can get across.

The smoke is harder to execute because it depends on jump timing. You want to jump first then throw q before you reach the apex of your jump.

Video: B Site Hookah Wall & Smoke

Map: Split

A Site: Walling off both Ramp and Heaven

Video: Split A Site Walling off Ramp & Heaven

1. Position yourself so that the leafs of the tree on the right hit the shadow edges of the building.

2. Then point your crosshair along the 3rd line of the skyscraper building.
3. Finally, move your cursor along that third line until you see that the wall will reach heaven on the mini map.

4. Then launch your wall.

B Site: Smoke Heaven, Molly Wooden Shed, And Wall

Video: B Site Wall, Smoke, and Molly

1. Line up in the corner near the garbage can until you can't move.

2. Shoot your wall on the 2nd wooden bar from the left of the roof's edge.

3. Shoot your smoke on the edge in the middle of the 3rd and 4th wooden bars from the left.

4. Shoot your molly by imagining a 90 degree triangle between the first bar and the angled bar.

Map: Haven

C Site: Smoke, Wall, Mollys

Photo: Make sure you hold crouch... C Molly #1

Photo: Make sure you hold crouch... C Molly #2

Video: C Smoke, C Wall, 2x C Molly Together

A Site: Wall, Smoke 2x Molly

I'm not even going to bother explaining this one because I can't do it consistently either. See Video Below

Video: A Site - Wall, Smoke, 2x Molly

Bind Short A Defense 1 Way Smoke