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Lily58 Pro PCB Request

Update 04/13/2021: seems my request has been solved by the opensource community:

My Request: Lily58 w/ LEDs + Kailh Sockets

I included the first design, the Lily58 Glow, which only has LEDs but doesn't have Kailh sockets.

I also included the second design, the Lily58 Pro, which only has Kailh sockets, but no LEDs.

What I want is a combination of both designs where the lily58 has both LEDs and Kailh Sockets. Ultimately I'm looking for something like the Lily58L shown on the 3rd section below.

* Optional request * The encoder slot as shown in the Lily58L Switch/Encoder combo is nice to have but I don't need it. For this optional request I included the Lily58 Mystic which is a design with a rotary encoder.

I don't want the encoder if the slot can't support both an encoder and/or switch as shown below.


Lily58 Glow, Lily58 Pro, and Lily58 Mystic Designs are here:

To summarize the features I want are LEDs (from the Glow), Kailh Sockets (from the Pro), and optionally the rotary encoder (from the Mystic).

The positioning of the drill holes should be consistent across all 3 designs so that the switches mounted on the top plate can fit onto the sockets of the PCB.


Picture: Acrylic Top plate (I already have these)

I included a picture below to demonstrate why the position is consistent across all 3 designs (Glow, Pro, and Mystic). The switches should be able to mount onto the kailh sockets soldered on the PCB.


Picture: Lily58 Pro without LEDs


Picture: This demonstrates what I want. Kailh Switches + LEDs


Picture: Switches on Kailh Sockets vs No Switches on Kailh Sockets


Picture: I already have top and bottom acrylic plates. I just need a redesigned PCB that fits.

Lily58 Glow Issues (Has LEDs, Doesn't have Kailh Sockets)


Design files:


Picture: Lily58 Glow. Doesn't have Kailh Sockets

Lily58 Pro Issues (Has Kailh Sockets, Doesn't have LEDs)


Design files:


Picture: Lily58 Pro. Has Kailh Sockets. But no LEDs. Choc Sockets can be removed.


Lily58L No Issues (Has LEDs + Kailh Sockets + Encoder. Design not Free)

Best case scenario. The design is not free though so I need it designed. To buy a pair of PCBs is not possible in the USA and costs $28 Euros. The encoder design here supports both an encoder and a switch.

Design Files: None because this is what I need designed.


Picture: Lily58L (Similar to the End Result I Want)



Lily58 Mystic - Encoder (Doesn't have LEDs)


Design files:

This one is an optional request. I don't need a rotary encoder but it is nice to have if it doesn't take that much effort.


Picture: Lily58 Pro Mystic with Rotary Encoder (Optional Request)

What is a Kailh Socket?


Picture: Red Switch next to 3 Kailh Sockets


Picture: Kailh sockets soldered onto a PCB along with SMD Diode and SMD LED.

A Kailh socket soldered on a PCB gives a person the ability to swap out any mechanical keyboard switch they want without having to desolder. The ability to do this makes it hot-swappable.

Typically on a normal mechanical keyboard switches are soldered to the PCB and have to be desoldered to change switches. With the Kailh socket the switches can just be pulled out of the socket and a new one can be pushed in all without desoldering/soldering.

What is a Rotary Encoder?


It looks like this.