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Sova Line Ups Split


God Arrow Outside B Garage to Heaven (2 Bounces, Full Bars)

Use the 3rd white bar line it up against the right most pipe. Shoot slightly below 2nd power line.

Variation of Outside B Garage To Heaven (1 Bar)

God Bugged Reveal of CT Spawn from B Site (1 Bounce, Full Bars)

Same idea aim for the slit except do one bounce.

Tspawn to A Checks Elbow But Not Close Right (Full Bars)

Line up to edge of gravel box. Aim as shown.

Tspawn to A Checks Most But Not Elbow (Full Bars)

Line up to edge of gravel box. Aim as shown. Dark rectangle next to billboard.

Bugged Arrow From T Spawn To Mid (1 Bar)

Line up to dark spot on concrete.

Cheese T-Spawn to A-Ramp for Ult (1 Bar)


B Retake From CT Side of Heaven (1 Bounce, 2 Bars)

Notes line up till wall edge dissapears then aim on top of the red thing.

God Bugged Retake from Heaven (Full Bars)

Very easy just aim for the slit of the sliding window doesn't matter where you are at heaven.

Another Retake B From Heaven (Full Bars)

Literally aim just above the circled B Symbol.


A Corner to Recon T Spawn (1 Bar)

First diamond's bottom tip touches top of the corner building