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Build Request


Build the infra-oral appliance around your mold. Again, you can build it yourself, OR you can go to any local professional Orthodontic laboratory where a qualified person can make it for less than $40.


You need to give them clear instructions:
-It doesn't have to tip the teeth in any way shape or form.
-It has to be shaped and fit perfectly to your upper palate.
-It needs a facebow inserted inside as in the photo.
-Ask them to coat the central part with a softer material like dental silicone, because the acrylic it's just too hard on the internal walls of your mouth when pressed for long periods of time.

The appliance designed above and explained is almost perfect and needs a small modification: the "wings" must be placed more outwards so they don't exert pressure on the gums. The pressure on the gums is extremely painful and may literally cut your skin. I even got an infection and the gums became black.

In order to create an appliance with wider wings, you need to carve the alginate dental impression here. This way the gypsum (aka dental stone) will be wider and consequently you will place acrylic wings which don't touch the gums.