Senior Shinobi NVR Stack configuration when getting new Gateway / Firewall


Freenom DNS records updated to new public IP

Ports Forwarded

If on Xfi Gateway this has to be done on xfinity mobile app. This is unfortunately the case for new XFI gateways.

80/tcp, 443/tcp, and 51820/tcp have to be forwarded to the server and has to done under the same IP.

Multiple ports can be added to the same IP in the XFi app so don't worry

IP Reservation

Reserved IPs are still configured on Default login is admin //// password

Assign these IPs to the Cameras


Check Reolink Client App

Make sure all FTP Surveillance is working and that all Cameras have a video feed.

IP Addresses reserved must match.

As of 2023.10.01 all 4 camera IPs are set as static IPs. On new comcast gateways they should retain the same internal IPs.

Shinobi Web App

Make sure each camera has the same reserved IPs.



Fix client Wireguard  config IP address range to

Update client Wireguard config to the new public IP address

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