Lily58 Pro PCB Request

Update 04/13/2021: seems my request has been solved by the opensource community:

My Request: Lily58 w/ LEDs + Kailh Sockets

I included the first design, the Lily58 Glow, which only has LEDs but doesn't have Kailh sockets.

I also included the second design, the Lily58 Pro, which only has Kailh sockets, but no LEDs.

What I want is a combination of both designs where the lily58 has both LEDs and Kailh Sockets. Ultimately I'm looking for something like the Lily58L shown on the 3rd section below.

* Optional request * The encoder slot as shown in the Lily58L Switch/Encoder combo is nice to have but I don't need it. For this optional request I included the Lily58 Mystic which is a design with a rotary encoder.

I don't want the encoder if the slot can't support both an encoder and/or switch as shown below.


Lily58 Glow, Lily58 Pro, and Lily58 Mystic Designs are here:

To summarize the features I want are LEDs (from the Glow), Kailh Sockets (from the Pro), and optionally the rotary encoder (from the Mystic).

The positioning of the drill holes should be consistent across all 3 designs so that the switches mounted on the top plate can fit onto the sockets of the PCB.


Picture: Acrylic Top plate (I already have these)

I included a picture below to demonstrate why the position is consistent across all 3 designs (Glow, Pro, and Mystic). The switches should be able to mount onto the kailh sockets soldered on the PCB.


Picture: Lily58 Pro without LEDs


Picture: This demonstrates what I want. Kailh Switches + LEDs


Picture: Switches on Kailh Sockets vs No Switches on Kailh Sockets